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904056 - TT1535G 240V Twintec Scrubber Dryer

TT1535G Twintec Mains Scrubber Dryer 240v - Numatic 904056

TTB1840 NX Twintec Scrubber Dryer Single Battery Numatic - 912784

Availability: In stock
Available - despatched within 2 to 5 working days
  • Numatic TTB1840NX Scrubber Dryer
  • 60 Mins runtime
  • 1 Hour fast charge
  • NX300 high-power lithium battery pack
  • 40cm Scrub Width 18L Capacity
  • Compact Design

Up and Running in Minutes

The TTB1840NX is simple to set-up and easy to use, by any operator. A fully adjustable handle provides the perfect working position whilst the folding design is perfect for ease of transit and storage. Pads and brushes can be quickly changed single-handedly with no tools and no fuss.


Clean, Dry, Safe & Streak-Free Floors in Minutes

A high-performance digital motor and precision-engineered floor tool leaves dry, streak-free floors. With a wide-range of easy fit brushes and pads available – all incorporating a 360° water feed for uniform liquid delivery – the TTB1840NX delivers consistent, quick and high-quality cleaning results, wherever they’re needed.


NX300 Pro Cordless

Power Driving Productivity

Complete Pro cleaning range powered with high-performance interchangeable NX300 battery packs. Bringing runtime and performance to professional cordless cleaning maximising productivity every day.




Nu Assist Mobile App

Support at your Fingertips, Straight from your Mobile

Access a wide-range of multilingual help and support, including troubleshooting and maintenance content, through the Nu-Assist App.

Maximum Performance, Minimum Water

Delivering consistent water flow to the floor is the key to removing stubborn dirt and leaving a spotlessly clean floor. The TTB1840NX’s Centrifugal Water System ensures even distribution across the brush or pad, delivering on cleaning performance whilst saving water.

TTB1840NX centrifugal water flow



Brush Motor Power 175 W
Vacuum Motor Power 100 W
Power 36V
Capacity 18 L
Scrub Width 400 mm
Weight (Ready to use inc full tank) 70 kg
Speed 150 rpm
Dimensions 520x850x1132mm
Brush 400 mm
Pad Size 360 mm
Run Time 1 hour – 80%
2 hours – 100%



912765 TTB 1840 36V UK (A01) A4
More Information
SKU NUM-912784
Condition New
Brand Numatic
Motor Power Brush Motor Power 400 W / Vacuum Motor Power 300 W
Brush Speed 150 rpm
Pad Size 360 mm
Brush Size 400 mm
Charge Time 10 Hours
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Previous MPN 903964?
Capacity 18 Litres
Product Dimensions 520x850x1132mm
Item Weight (Ready to use inc full tank) 70 kg
Barcode 5028965815809
MPN ?912784
Product Type Scrubber Dryer Battery
Colour Grey
Cleaning Range
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