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Toucan Eco Active - 10 Litre Combination Cleaning Solution and Disinfectant Generator. - Toucan - 100520

Toucan Eco Active - 10 Litre Combination Cleaning Solution and Disinfectant Generator. - Toucan - 100520

Toucan Eco III – 1 Litre Cleaning and Disinfecting System

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  • Toucan Eco is a revolutionary new bio-cleaner that means you can stop using 80% of chemical cleaners and disposing of the single use plastic bottles they come in.
  • Toucan Eco III is the greener way to clean in the home and smaller workplaces. It lets you make one litre of eco-friendly antibacterial multi-surface cleaner that kills 99.999% of bacteria from just water, 
  • Simply fill the container with tap water, add salt, stir around seven to eight times then press to activate, which will take around five minutes. 
  • The kit includes the one litre activation unit, measuring spoon, mixing rod, spray bottle and some salt to get you started.
  • Environmentally friendly non toxic and non-allergenic making it an excellent product for those with babies, elderly, poorly people or just sensitive skin. 
  • Suitable for all surfaces like chopping boards, high chairs, changing mats, fridge, bins, kitchen sinks, baths and taps and toilet seats, carpets in every room in the house including kitchens, bathrooms, office, classrooms, medical facilities, wet rooms, food preperation areas leaving surfaces clean, sparkling and disinfected
  • Meets the requirements of BS EN 1276 and BS EN 13697 and is registered under Artice 95 of the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), as amended by Regulation (EU) No 334/2014 of 11 March 2014.
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The revolutionary Toucan Eco disinfectant and cleaning system.

Toucan Eco 3 is an electrochemical activation (ECA) disinfectant and cleaning solution that offers the most effective, money saving and environmentally-friendly alternative to synthetic chemicals

Stringent tests undertaken by EU accredited independent laboratories and university research departments have shown it is 99.999% effective against all forms of microorganisms with a very fast contact time and virtually no regrowth.

The solution is great for busy environments which demand a quick, effective cleaning regime, but especially where green credentials are important or harsh cleaning products aren’t suitable.

The model let’s you make one litre of effective, eco-friendly and safe antibacterial multi-surface cleaner in just five minutes. The kit includes the 1L jug, activation base, measuring spoon, stirring rod, atomiser spray bottle, and some salt to get you started.


Where to use it

Today, the adoption of this eco technology is mainstream in many industries. It’s used for general disinfecting and cleaning tasks, disinfecting drinking water, combatting Legionella and other bacteria in water supplies, and it’s even used on cut flowers and fresh foods such as salads and vegetables to prolong shelf life. Companies are now beginning to realise that they don’t have to use toxic, environmentally damaging and expensive synthetic chemicals to disinfect and clean.

Simply using water, salt and a very small power input, these tasks can now be undertaken in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable way to help save costs as well as the planet.


What’s included

The Toucan ECA ECO III is designed for small facilities where the daily use of disinfectant and cleaning chemicals are not so high. The kit includes a worktop activation unit, 1 litre container, measuring spoon, mixing rod, spray bottle and some salt to get you started.


How Toucan Eco works

The activation process, which is a form of electrolysis, uses ordinary tap water containing dissolved salt (sodium chloride). A small electrical current is applied using a specialised electrolysis cell to produce a hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite solution on demand. This makes a potent, naturally occurring disinfectant, cleaner and sanitiser that’s safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic, environmentally friendly and low cost.

It takes around five minutes to make 60-80ppm FAC of solution, using just 1l of tap water and 2g of salt.

How much does it cost?

Households spend upwards of £100 or more a year on cleaning chemicals, rising quickly for smaller businesses such as cafes and restaurants to more than £100 a month. This means that after a short period Toucan Eco will have paid for itself – then it’s unlimited cleaning solution that’s practically free from then onwards.

The only real cost is the model, after which all you need is tap water and table salt. For example, a 10kg bag of salt will make 5,000L of eWater with Toucan Eco III. 


For more information Click here for our Toucan Eco Guide that has more information and answers to many frequently asked questions



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