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Toucan Eco
  1. Abbey Mini - 300ml Cleaner, Disinfectant and Sanitiser On demand Generator - Abbey DCS-A300-SAN
    Abbey Eco Clean - ECA Cleaner, Disinfectant and Sanitiser On demand Generator 300ml - Abbey DCS-A300-SAN
    100% of 100
    Special Price £33.32 £39.98 Regular Price £59.99
  2. Toucan Eco III - 1 Litre Combination Cleaning Solution and Disinfectant Generator. - Toucan - 104004
    Toucan Eco III - 1 Litre Cleaner, Disinfectant and Sanitiser On demand Generator - Toucan - 104004
    100% of 100
    £226.80 £272.16


Our Small ‘desk-top’ units generate a skin and surface broad-spectrum sanitizer and disinfectant for use in commercial, retail, medical, leisure, and industrial facilities.

The Toucan Eco™ - III and Toucan Mini is a combined disinfectant and cleaning agent solution generator specifically designed for commercial users who wish to replace expensive, toxic and environmentally damaging chemicals with cheap, environmentally sensitive cleaning and disinfectant solutions on-site and on-demand.

It is safe to use on all surfaces and has no effects on skin or eyes when used as described.

Due to the current shortages of hand sanitizers, this may be a solution that is not only environmentally friendly but easy to create on-demand as you need it!

New Low Cost and Active Cleaning

If you are looking for something new and exciting in the world of cleaning the Toucan-Eco™ IIl stands out as a real innovation. Imagine making a low cost and effective combined cleaner/disinfectant from a simple solution of salt and water using electrochemical activation.

Where to use it

The Toucan-Eco™ IIl is designed for use wherever there is a requirement for the continuous use of cleaning and disinfectant agents in commercial, retail, medical, leisure, and industrial facilities. The fluids replace many conventional chemicals and are generated on demand.

Electrochemical activation between water and salt creates a general-purpose sanitizer which kills 99.999% of microorganisms, bacteria, spores Viruses and algae.

Because the item is safe to use on the skin this can be used as an alternative hand sanitizer and use a disposable paper product to dry your hands

How it works

Using the Toucan-Eco™ couldn't be easier. It only needs tap water, salt (which is supplied in the starter pack) and electricity supply. Once the base station is plugged in the salt and water mix takes only five minutes to convert to the activated cleaner/disinfectant.

Data Sheets Lab tests and product Information

Toucan Eco Safety Data Sheet

Toucan Testing Report

Toucan University Of West England Testing Report

Toucan Eco Guide