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48 products

48 products

Paper Products

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Paper Products come in variety of forms for different purposes including the use in home, washrooms, industrial and catering

Paper towels and Rolls are an absorbent towel made from paper instead of fabric. Rolls of paper towels specifically for kitchen-use are known as kitchen rolls. For home use, it usually sold in a roll of perforated sheets, but some are sold in stacks of pre-cut and pre-folded layers for use in paper-towel dispensers.

Unlike cloth towels, paper towels are disposable and intended to be used only once. Paper towels soak up water because they are loosely woven which enables water to travel between the fibres. Paper towels have similar purposes to conventional towels, such as drying hands, wiping windows and other surfaces, dusting and cleaning up spills.

Paper towel dispensers are often used in public toilets shared by many, as paper towels are often considered more hygienic than hot-air hand dryers (and, of course, shared cloth towels).

Toilet paper, sometimes called toilet tissue, comes in various numbers of plies (layers of thickness), It is used for hygiene purposes in the washroom and also for facial use during cold periods

All Paper product layers of thickness is known as ply, with the more back-to-back plies providing greater strength and absorbency.