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Order Tracking

Tracking your Discounted Cleaning Supplies orders

We use different couriers depending on the items to be sent and the size of the parcel to ensure safe and efficient delivery. Below is a list of couriers please click on their logo to go to their tracking page and enter your Tracking Number.



Amazon Logistics         DPD        Royal Mail        TNT        UPS



How to find my tracking number

If you have created an account you can sign in and track your orders by clicking here. Once you have signed in click on see orders and select the required order number you are tracking. This will give you the status of your order and also the courier who is dispatching your item and the required tracking number to track it with our couriers using the links above.


If you did not create an account

Please use the below form to find your guest order. You will be able to check the status and find any tracking number for a single order and use these to track with our couriers above.

Orders and Returns