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Zipped Waste Bag Coverall,120 Litre/2 X 70-Litre.Grey Numatic Part Number 900987

Zipped Waste Bag Coverall,120 Litre/2 X 70-Litre.Grey - Numatic - 900987

10 x (NVM-1CH) Hepaflo Dust Bags

Genuine Numatic Brand Henry Hoover Hepaflo Vacuum Dust Bags - NVM-1CH - 604015, 907075

Numatic Face Shield - 912208

Availability: Out of stock
Out of stock
  • Wide visor providing lateral protection
  • Full-width browguard
  • Complete 180° field of vision
  • Lightweight, comfortable and versatile design
  • Fully-adjustable straps to fit any head shape
  • Can be reused once sterilised
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The Numatic Face Shield offers a simple, easy-fit and defensive barrier against the spread of germs and viruses.

Features include a wide visor for lateral protection; full-width browguard; complete 180° field of vision; reusable design; and fully-adjustable, comfort-fit for any head shape.

How to fit and adjust

These visors are prepared in a clean environment, but are not produced in a sterile setting. Users may wish to rinse in soapy water or other cleaning fluid before use. Ensure the face shield has been fitted securely and comfortably before entering any hazardous areas.  

The Numatic Face Shield offers a fully-adjustable, twin-strap design, which means it can be fitted easily, comfortably and securely to any head shape. The twin-strap also allows pony tails to be worn under or over the strap for added versatility.

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