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Robert Scott Microscrub Microfibre Cloth Grey Pack of 5 104122

Robert Scott Microscrub microfibre cloth Pack of 5 - Grey 40x40cm

Industrial Soap Filled Pads - Brillo - Pack of 10 - SUSO37A2B

Industrial Soap Filled Pads - Grey - Pack of 10 - Brillo - SUSO37

Abbey Flat Grill Brick / Griddle Stone - SUGB20

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  • Abbey Flat Griddle Grill Brick
  • The Market Leader
  • Food Service Grade
  • Film cover wrap acts as the holder.
  • Ideal for Grills, Griddles and BBQ
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Our Abbey Grill Brick, Also known as Grilbrik or griddle stone cleaners are an amazingly easy to use utensil that clean flat grill surfaces fast. it's a no-nonsense product - no handles, screens, or holders to fuss with - so inexpensive it makes frequent grill cleaning worthwhile. it's SIMPLE, EASY AND EFFECTIVE.

It outlasts screens and pads and works on hot grills.

it's user friendly too - easy to grip, takes little pressure and uses no harsh chemicals.

Our Abbey Grill Brick cleaners are easy on grills, too. They won"t scratch surfaces, lift cure, or clog with grease. And they"re non-porous and non-toxic too.

This is the leading flat griddle cleaning brick on the market today.

Film cover wrap acts as the holder. Food service grade. Makes grill cleaning fast and easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1:- Use a scraper on hot grill to remove food and grease .

Step 2:- Apply a coating of oil to grill. Hold the Grill-Brick with a cloth and clean with a back and forth motion applying light pressure.

Step 3:- Scrape away all cleaning residue and rinse with water.

GRiLL-BRiCK is committed to responsible environmental manufacturing. They are eco friendly because they"re specially formulated using naturally occurring sand and other abundant natural ingredients. Best of all our Grill Brick cleaners can be recycled or discarded in landfill with no harmful impact on the environment. .

Griddle brick cleaners are the preferred choice of over 50,000 chefs worldwide.

H:9cm, W: 10cm, D: 20cm.

The leading flat griddle cleaning brick on the market today.

Use safely on hot griddles without scratching or removing griddle surface cure. Film cover wrap acts as the holder. Food service grade.

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Country of ManufactureUnited States
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Product TypeGriddle Products
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