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We're Passionate About Cleaning and it shows

We offer convenience and supply outstanding products from leading manufacturers at discounted prices to bring back the fun in cleaning.

Since 1999 the management team here at Discounted Cleaning Supplies have been managing staff to deliver a flexible tailored cleaning approach to our customers. Although it started as a contact cleaning business where the directors were supervising a cleaning company for all those years they realised that cleaning was not really changing. New advances on cleaning were evolving, for example, BICS introducing colour coded cleaning and then microfibre cleaning becoming the rave but it was not until most cleaning companies took this on board did the new changes happen. This had to change as cleaning techniques were advancing quickly in terms of technology and new products as well as becoming more environmentally friendly which were making jobs less tedious, dangerous and labour intensive resulting in better productivity rates for staff whilst making the task less tiring and much safer.
We want to make cleaning fun for everyone as it is our passion and like to share new innovative products and work closely with our manufacturers with new ideas to design and manufacture to make cleaning more enjoyable for everyone.

Delivering when expected and within budget!

We have successfully grown into a dynamic and passionate company of employees that are reliable, motivated and fully trained to provide the highest levels of service. Our passion that we bring to our work is hard-earned, constantly reinforced and something we are fiercely proud of. This underpins our drive to give you a premium service combined with the many benefits that this approach brings:

  • We can provide you with everything you need to keep your premises and working environment up to the highest standards of appearance and cleanliness.
  • The quality and consistency of our commitment to delivering a high level of service are matched by our exacting standards and professional approach to all your cleaning needs. This is why our customers rate us highly.
  • Whatever the size or type of premises - including offices, schools, hospitals, receptions, bars, restaurants, gyms or homes - we apply the same dedicated approach and delivery of all our cleaning products with a real passion shared by all our staff.

World Wide Coverage

We cover the whole of the UK including the Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland, the EU and can deliver most products to the rest of the world. For large export quotes please email us with delivery information along with product requirements and we will be happy to help.

Online or Phone orders

We are happy to take phone orders and credit card payments as long as the delivery address is for the same address the card is registered to. For security reasons we can only deliver to alternative addresses for orders placed online unless you have a trade credit account with us.

We offer flexible payment options for businesses and consumers and can offer an interest-free buy today and pay up to 30 days later for all our customers and can also offer flexible finance on large ticketed items, for example, machinery.